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ILL DOOTS is a Philly based artist collective, known for being a band that not only makes quality music but creates experiences that feed the audience’s mind, body, and soul.

Founded in 2009, ILL DOOTS jam session origins have since spawned over 8 studio projects and a raging live beast of a band featuring: an emcee, singer, bassist, drummer, keyboardist, guitarist and a host of frequent collaborators.

ILL DOOTS members’ diverse range of backgrounds and their shared musical consciousness shine through their exhilarating mix of hip hop elements with funk, jazz, rock & soul. Over the years, their live shows have become ever more engaging and theatrical, giving audiences unforgettable experiences of community, catharsis, and raw energy.

As artists, ILL DOOTS are also known for their cross-medium collaborations; working with artists from various disciplines and backgrounds remains a constant source of inspiration and is a staple of the ILL DOOTS brand. A brand which is defined by ILL; an acronym for “I Love Living/I Love Learning” and the mantra that encapsulates the band’s message to the world: value life and the lessons it gives you.


Emcee / Phantom

Vocals / Elle.Morris

Keys / Chubbz

Bass / Scott Ziegler

Drums / J. 


Artwork by Rich Quick. #RichQuickForever






‘Sheep’ has got an old school funk and soul vibe with dashes of more modern hip-hop and R&B flavor, which sounds like Andre 3000 and Flea decided to make a song together and have George Clinton produce it — if that bass line doesn’t make you move, you’re a crazy person.
— Vanyaland
The movement is about more than the group. It is about the community. It is about living life to the fullest, the way it should be lived, whatever that may entail. Musicians, artists and other creative people are encouraged to join in the lifestyle. “ILL” stands for “I Love Living.
— JUMP Magazine
ILL DOOTS, by all accounts one of best new bands in Philly—.
— Huffington Post