is a collective of artists, educators, and activists based in Philadelphia; a group of individuals with different perspectives, from different places who want nothing more than to make music unfettered by the standards of the traditional and the prescriptions of the mainstream. What began in 2009 as a jam session, evolved into a dorm room mixtape, and eventually into a live band; several albums and tours later ILL DOOTS continues to hone their craft as performers and collaborators.

ILL DOOTS is on a lifelong mission to change the way our communities respond to and value music, art, and life. As a collective of arts educators, ILL DOOTS launched the I Love Learning initiative in 2014, setting up free workshops in schools, after school programs, churches and other shared spaces along their tour routes and at home. The initiative is ongoing both in Philadelphia and elsewhere.

In 2015 ILL DOOTS worked under the direction of Joanna Settle to compose and perform music for Flashpoint Theatre Company's "Hands Up", for which they received the Barrymore Award for Best Original Music. In 2016 ILL DOOTS composed and performed the Wilma Theatre's production of "An Octoroon" under the direction of Settle yet again.

Moving forward, ILL DOOTS will continue to bring more art into our communities and continue to collaborate across mediums. The intersection of community engagement as collaboration is of particular interest to ILL DOOTS and something to look for in their future works.


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‘Sheep’ has got an old school funk and soul vibe with dashes of more modern hip-hop and R&B flavor, which sounds like Andre 3000 and Flea decided to make a song together and have George Clinton produce it — if that bass line doesn’t make you move, you’re a crazy person.
— Vanyaland
ILL DOOTS is a unique hip-hop group with great music that needs to be heard everywhere. I personally don’t have a single other act I’d rather see live instead of this group. Check out all their music for timeless entertainment.
— Itzdiabolical.com
The movement is about more than the group. It is about the community. It is about living life to the fullest, the way it should be lived, whatever that may entail. Musicians, artists and other creative people are encouraged to join in the lifestyle. “ILL” stands for “I Love Living.
— Jump Magazine
The Philly tribe/band ILL DOOTS provides a live, driving score with a mesmerizing mix of jazz, funk and hip hop as well as offering running comments on the action.
— Ticket Entertainment
ILL DOOTS, by all accounts one of best new bands in Philly—.
— Huffington Post