ILL DOOTS is constantly thrusting themselves towards the new; with a sound evolving from movie samples and sprawling lyrics built in smokey dorm rooms, into a live, funky beast of a band known for elevating minds, filling hearts, and moving bodies. So it is only appropriate that ILL DOOTS' self titled album is the long-awaited bridge between the live music experience they have been cultivating on the road, and the music that has been available to listeners. After years of dropping mixtapes, touring the US, and putting their mark on the Philly theater scene, ILL DOOTS set out to capture their live sound, stepping away from their tradition of producing beats as individuals and adapting them for live performance, they collaboratively composed new, original music. Inspired by classic records and influenced by genres ranging from Minneapolis funk, classic rock, hip-hop, and everything in between, ILL DOOTS strived to emulate and honor the sounds of the greats—by using the tools of the greats, calling on vintage synths, drum machines, electric pianos, and more. Working with engineer Micah Forsyth at Watts studio in North Philly the group cut the foundation of the album in just a few days.
It was clear this album was unlike anything they had made before. However, the album’s creation took a dramatic turn when the tumultuous departure of a lead vocalist from the group forced ILL DOOTS to strip away much of the album as it existed and call upon other trusted collaborators to help rewrite and rebuild the songs. Thus a previously feature free album welcomed some of the most talented artists in the Philly music scene to get involved. Khemist, Ron Draper, Zeek Burse, The Prof., Rich Quick, DJ NoPhrillz, Anwar Marshall and LaTasha “Elle.Morris” (who has since become a member of the band) are all heavily represented throughout, each offering new sounds, depth, and perspective to the album. In its final form the album’s intricate arrangements interweave with booming anthems that give both a feeling of what is to come and calls upon the nostalgia of the past; soulful, vintage analog sounds come together to craft a sonic kaleidoscope that doubles as a metaphor: teaching us that connecting with others in your time of need can produce powerful results.

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